Information about studying abroad can be obtained by contacting consultants living in different foreign countries.

Career counseling

Consultant gives a comprehensive outlook about the possible career opportunities in the chosen field

Conducting university research

Consultant finds an optimal university for the customer, based on his/her desires, budget and capabilities

Explaining university admission procedure

Consultant explains to the customer all the requirements, documentation and necessary processes for admission to the chosen university

Guidelines for academic documents

Consultant provides structure and templates for writing the CV, personal statement, motivational letter and so forth

Checking of academic documents

Consultant makes sure that all the written academic documents are presented in a true and clear manner

Scholarship guidance

Consultant searches for a relevant scholarship, and explains the requirements

Interview preparation

Consultant performs mock interviews for the customer and prepares him/her for the possible questions, in case there is an expected interview for the admission or scholarship

Visa assistance

Consultant guides customer through the visa process

House finding

Consultant searches a home, campus or something else for the customer aligned with his/her preferences and financials

Help with bureaucracy

Consultant assists the customer in dealings with bureaucratic procedures in a host country, e.g. obtaining residence permit, getting a tax code and etc