Our team is comprised of professionals coming from different fields, but with a common goal – helping future international students to find the best path to reach their educational dreams. We firsthand know the importance of a quality education in leading a prosperous life. With our experience of international study and work, and with our knowledge in IT, Finance, Marketing & Strategy, we have created the platform where freelance study-abroad consultants and applicants can easily get connected.And we support them along their journey.

Our History

Stubie was founded in 2021 with the goal of making study-abroad consulting more accessible to a wider audience. Our idea gathered attention of people and was positively perceived by initial users. Soon enough over 100+ consultants have registered on our platform. We have received an investment with a valuation of half a million AZN during the pre-seed stage. We have been chosen as a promising startup to participate in various international and local events, including Technofest Take Off Startup Summit, Experiential Learning Conference and many others. Since the early foundation till today, we do our best to improve our platform and make it more valuable both to the freelance consultants and applicants.